For the Stoic Fellowship Newsletter, StoicDan has interviewed these
Stoic Scholars and Thinkers over the years (2017-2022). You can also
see these interviews on the official Stoic Fellowship interview page.

April 2022

Kathryn Koromilas, Scotland, Stoic Salon

Published on MEDIUM
January 2022

Bill Broadwater, Philadelphia Stoics

Published on MEDIUM
October 2021

Ranjini George, Teacher and Writer, Stoicism and Buddhism

Published on MEDIUM
April 2021

Eric Weiner, Author of "The Socrates Express"

Published on MEDIUM
January 2021

Will Johncock, Author of "Stoic Philosophy and Social Theory"
and studies Stoicism and Sociology

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October 2020

Peter Fagella, President of New England Stoics
and Chairman of the Stoicon X Committee

Published on MEDIUM
July 2020

Piotr Stankiewicz, Author of "Manual of Reformed Stoicism" and other books

Published on MEDIUM
January 2020

Eric Scott, Founder of "Stoics in Action"

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October 2019

Brittany Polat, Founder and Writer of "ApparentStoic.com"

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July 2019

Kai Whiting, Researcher on Stoicism and Sustainability

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April 2019

Ward Farnsworth, Dean of the University of Texas School of Law

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January 2019

Christopher Gill, Professor of Classics and Ancient History, Univ. of Exeter

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October 2018

Nick Guggenbuehl, Tech Entrepreneur and Stoic Philosopher

Published on MEDIUM
April 2018

Dr. Ronald Pies, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Tufts University
and Lecturer on Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School

Published on MEDIUM
January 2018

Chuck Chakrapani, President of Leger Analytics and Research Methodologist

Published on MEDIUM
October 2017

Donald Robertson, Cognitive-Behavioural Psychotherapist
and Author of "How to Think Like a Roman Emperor"

Published on MEDIUM
July 2017

Massimo Pigliucci, Professor of Philosophy at CUNY-City College

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