StoicDan is developing a series called 'Dialogues in Philosophy',
where we discuss various philosophies (Stoicism, Buddhism, Taoism)
plus great philosophers and concepts in history. Here's a sample dialogue with
StoicDan and Joe Bullock. They discuss the wisdom of Marcus Aurelius,
the Roman emperor and Stoic philosopher.

StoicDan's Lecture at Stoicon 2018 (University of London) This lecture was entitled
"Stoicism and Minimalism: Two Paths to Virtue", and was delivered at the University of
London, Senate Hall, London, England on Sept. 28, 2018. Event organizer: John Sellars.

StoicDan's Lecture at Stoicon 2019 (Athens, Greece) This lecture was entitled
"Stoicism and The Holocaust", and was delivered at the American School in Athens, Greece.
The presentation included the work of Viktor Frankl and talked about engaging young adults
in philosophy. Event organizer: Donald Robertson.

StoicDan's Keynote Speech at Stoicon-X Midwest 2020 This is the regional philosophy event
for the midwest USA. The lecture was entitled "Stoicism and The American Transcendentalists" on
Oct. 24, 2020. The event organizer was Greg Sadler, PhD, who gave Dan some nice compliments.


Over the years, StoicDan has created curriculum and lectures on the contributions of women in philosophy. Now, the new development is a web site that stores a collection of knowledge on women in philosophy. From ancient times to modern times, you can browse the records for their major contributions, plus the books they wrote and the people they influenced. You can also make suggestions to add new people to the list. Please visit the new site at PhilosoFINDER.org

Meme on Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

StoicDan's recent meme, quoting Marcus Aurelius, has been shared on
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