This philosophy discussion group is 9 years old, 2800+ members and 1200+ past events. We started April 2015 with a weekly meeting on Monday nights at the Panera Cafe on Orange Avenue near Princeton. Our first meeting had only 5 people. Now, we have 4 meetings per week and members joining from United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Thailand, and Nepal! All meetings are free and open to the public. Your only obligation is to learn something new!

For our current schedule of events are posted on Meetup. All events are free, and you can also RSVP for special events in the future.

Our latest press releases:
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World's First Stoic Poetry Slam
Orlando Stoics Reaches 2,800 Members
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StoicDan, The Pledge, Civil Discourse
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Startup Weekend, First Place Award
StoicDan & Advent Health
StoicDan invited to Humanist Conference
StoicDan Alliances with Two Sister Groups

This group is organized by StoicDan. Read more about his groups, interviews, and other projects at the official StoicDan web site.