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How long for video taping? - We need about 30 minutes to tape crowds around your booth. Then, if one of your staff can appear on camera, we only need 10 minutes of his/her time. At all times, we remember why you're at the conference. So, we never get between you and your customers.
How much equipment needs to be setup? - None. We use hand-held Canon cameras. No tripods are needed, because of image-stabilization software.
How long for video editing? - For conference booths, 1 week after the close of the conference. For on-site documentaries, 2 weeks after the completion of the video taping.
What payment methods are accepted? - We take VISA, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover. 50% is charged to your credit card upon booking; 50% is charged to the same card upon delivery of the video. All credit card charges will originate from "DLC Corporation", who is the media aggregator.
What is the cancellation policy? - If you cancel up to and including the time of the video taping, you forfeit only the 50% deposit, and the 50% balance will not be charged to your credit card. Reasoning: you save the 50% balance because we won't need to edit the video for you. However, if you cancel after the video taping, the 50% balance is also forfeited. Reasoning: Techware Orlando may have edited your video already, so more labor has been committed to the project on your behalf.
Is there a guarantee? - Yes, if you are unsatisfied with the edited video, Techware Orlando will send you a series of web links to clips of available footage. You will then be able to suggest which video clips are inserted where in the edited video. Techware Orlando will then re-edit the video for you, or you can download and edit the videos clips yourself.
What other video services are available? - Techware has developed several video formats over the last 25+ years in business. The Presto Video Format is ideal for conferences, and the Sidebar Video Format is ideal for training. We can also quote personalized video projects for you. Our rates are $50-$75/hour. This is affordable when compared to most studio editing rates of $100-250/hour.

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