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What Does Your Message Say
About Your Business?

Engage and Inspire Your Customers With Branded,
Custom Audio On-Hold Marketing Solutions

While your customers are waiting for personal attention, they'll receive personalized attention from a custom HoldMasters message that is informative and engaging. With HoldMasters, someone placed on-hold will now learn more about your products or services, and wasted time becomes valuable time. Through HoldMasters you'll be able to:

Increase Caller Retention
A key reason for calling your company is to ask routine questions about your business. Save time answering FAQ with a HoldMasters On-Hold Message.

Promote Products and Services
Provide information on additional products and services or new products that build add-on sales. Describe new applications for core products or services and give callers tips on how using your product or service saves them time and money.

Increase Brand Awareness
Reinforce your brand message or advertising campaigns with a custom On-Hold Message that reminds callers of your brand positioning or tells your Brand Story.

Project Professionalism
Your HoldMasters On-Hold Message makes a 'first impression' on your callers. Use it to build trust and reflect your company's professionalism and personality while keeping callers focused on why they called you.

Motivate To Action
Adding a call-to-action, telling callers to 'ask about' a product or service or driving traffic to your website can lead to increased sales.

Are You Losing Opportunities When You Place Callers On-Hold?

Did you know that over 94% of marketing budgets are spent trying to get the phone to ring, while only 6% is spent on handling received calls? It's no wonder that 70% of callers are placed on hold by company employees. What may surprise you is that 60% of those callers will hang up in 45 seconds or less if they hear nothing on-hold or hear music they hate.

A recent US West Communications survey found that a message on-hold program will increase caller retention buy 40%; increase inquiries by15%; and increase direct requests for products and services mentioned by 12%.

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On-Hold Sample Audio


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