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Why On-Hold

by Alan Rock

Suppose you had an appointment to see someone. When you went to their office, the receptionist took you into a room and told you to wait, the person you had the appointment with would see you soon.

Now, this room they put you in has no windows. There are no pictures on the walls. There's no TV, no video, no music. Nothing to look at but 4 blank walls and nothing to hear but silence. So you sit. And wait.

How would you feel about that? How comfortable are you in that room? How long does it feel like you've been waiting? How do you feel about the company that put you in that room and the person you were going to see? How do you think that person feels about you?

This is exactly what happens when you put someone who has called your business on-hold. The feelings you had toward that company and the people responsible for putting you in that anxiety-producing, stressful environment are the same feelings your customers have when you put them on-hold and they hear nothing.

If they hear music, it's a little better -- unless they hate the music and then it's torture. Hearing beep, beep, beep, is aggravating. In short, you've done a great job at creating what I call the emotional disconnect. You've gone to a lot of expense and put a lot of thought into motivating your customers to call you. You've developed a brand that your customers believe in -- a rapport, a connection -- that's why they called you. But then, everything about your brand goes away when you place someone on-hold -- because, suddenly, their needs are not being met and that connection is broken. Sure, someone is going to help them soon, but right now, they are in limbo. How they feel about you and your brand and whether they want to wait around for someone to help them can all come down to what happens during the time they are placed on-hold.

That's where we come in. My company is called HoldMasters and we increase your bottom line by engaging your customers with your brand while they are placed on-hold. We inform callers about you in ways that are entertaining and keep them listening, so time on-hold is time well spent and 3 minutes on-hold seems like 30 seconds.

What exactly is an on-hold message? It's not an automated attendant. It's what comes on when someone in your company has spoken to a customer and has to put that customer on-hold for a period of time before they or someone else picks up the phone to continue the call. What your customer hears -- or doesn't hear -- can be the difference in increasing your sales by 2.5% to 5%. Would you want to increase your bottom line 2.5% to 5%?

At HoldMasters we create custom messages that relate specifically to your business and your brand. We only use professional copywriters and voice over talent, ASCAP and BMI licensed music, and professional edit facilities. We can work with companies with multiple locations, franchises, offices with multi-line phones or single phone, home-based businesses.

If you'd like to learn more about how HoldMasters can help your bottom line, I'd love to speak with you.

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