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No Business Happens Without A Sale

by Alan Rock

If you think about it, no business happens without a sale being made. Whether you are a doctor, lawyer or merchant chief, this is a fact. Those of you who are in the professions with initials after your name... making a sale is just as important to you as the widget salesperson. Doctors, Lawyers, CPAs all have to sell themselves and the kinds of services they offer before that prospect becomes a client. The widget salesperson has to sell him or herself, then the product or service before that prospect becomes a customer. Hopefully you'll agree with the opening of this article.

There are two modalities working for all of our business. Modality one is our marketing. Our marketing tells our audience, our prospects, what we do. The second modality is our branding which tells them who we are. Both of these have to work in concert while we sell ourselves (our brand), we are also selling our products and/or service. It is important to remember that people like to work and buy from people they like and trust. I believe that likeability and trust trumps cost most of the time.

Once you have made the sale and delivered your product and/or service the relationship doesn't stop. Relationships are key to sales success and the continuation of that bond must be ongoing. It is incumbent on you, the seller, to see that in every aspect of the selling cycle that client receives a continuation of both your marketing and branding information. The question is how do you do that?

Thanks to technology we can keep in touch with both our prospects and clients/customers. We can keep them current on changes in the industry we serve via emails that might have links to websites that would be beneficial for them to see. This serves two purposes; first, it keeps your name and business in front of them, and secondly it also continues your branding of both you and your business. If you choose to use 'snail mail', it might work even better due to the fact that everyone's in box of email is so full. 'Snail mail' may get a priority.

Taking your marketing and branding one more step is when that client/customer calls your business. How is the phone answered? Is it a labyrinth of press one for this, press two for that? If you have a receptionist answer, does he or she know to whom to funnel the call? If the caller is placed On-Hold, does the caller hear nothing but silence or a radio station? Or, does that caller hear information about your business, once again, keeping that marketing and branding moving forward.

FYI, according to AT&T research 70% of all incoming calls are placed On-Hold, 60% will hang up within thirty seconds with silence On-Hold. With a radio station (or music) the caller may stay up to ninety seconds, and with a On-Hold message the research tells us that the caller will hold for four minutes or more. Plus, there's a 2-1/2 to 5% increase in sales with an On-Hold message. Since 1987, HoldMasters has been helping businesses in Orlando and around the country. Let us help you.

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